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The things I'd planned to do today, and their success/failure status:

1 - Mower, round one: Swung by the local hardware store to pick up my nice little reel mower, which I'd dropped off Tuesday to be sharpened. Found out when I got there that the entire neighborhood around the hardware store was having a big yard sale. No parking to be found. Decided I'd try again on my way back from the rest of the errands. Status: Initial failure.

2 - Garden store, round one: Drove on up York to Towson, intending to go to Valley View up on York in Timonium. Didn't go around the Towson Circle far enough, because 99.9% of the time, I go off at Dulaney Valley, not York. Went off at Dulaney Valley, and accidentally drove all the way to Loch Raven before deciding that really, I was probably not going in the right direction. Had to turn around and try to get over to York. Status: Initial Failure. However - bonus lake!

3 - Garden store, round two: Garden store was mad busy due to beautiful day at start of spring. Bought two tomatoes, a tomatillo, some beets and leeks, and some climbing vines for the back fence. Almost spent $30 on a daylily, not realizing it was not priced the same as the other daylillies - but noticed just in time. Did not buy nine million things I did not need but which looked awesome. Status: Success!

4 - Mall: Had a number of different things to do at the mall. Got my hair cut, and discussed retirement planning with my 28-year-old hairdresser (she's ahead of the game, smart girl). Bought exactly what I intended at Lush, and only slightly more of what I intended at Sephora. Spent maybe 60 seconds in the Game Stop buying Portal 2. Met a totally charming salesgirl at the Delia's, named Zoe - she chatted me up about my Lush bag, and I told her how I discovered Lush before it even came to America (it's true!) As she was teling me the sales, I commented that, as I was dreadfully old, and the store is really for girls, I would not be able to take advantage of their jeans sale. "Oh that's not true," she said solemnly. "My mom buys jeans here and she wears an 11/12." She nodded to underscore her point. "An 11/12." Somehow, she managed to make a 40-year-old woman feel like she belonged in a store for high school girls, which was quite impressive. Zoe, you have a bright future! And I bought a dress! Status: Success for me and Zoe!

5 - Mower, round two: This time I got the mower. Status: Success, but without an exclamation point, because whatever, it's a mower.

6 - Lunch: Stopped at Atwater's at Belvedere Market, and had a chicken salad sandwich and pretentious but yummy root beer. Also got spring chicken soup to take home for dinner, which I have just now consumed. Status: SuccessSuccess, for being both lunch and dinner.

7 - Grocery store: totally belw this one off. Status: Abject Failure.

8 - Yardwork: Once I got home, spent a couple hours mowing and planting everything. Leeks are super fiddly to plant, suspect a number of them will not make it. Dug along the fence to plant climbing vine; found a big root. Dug elsewhere; found another big root. Fetched pruning shears and dispatched roots. Planted climbers and cheap daylily. Status: Current Success, but tomorrow when the rash breaks out on my hands because I didn't bother to wear two layers of gloves, and touched plants with bare skin, Follow-up Failure.

9 - Baking: Plan to bake butterscotch chip cookies for tomorrow. Haven't started yet. Status: Incomplete.


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