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1 - I can walk pretty much non-stop all day.

2 - A heated window seat is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

3 - I have empirically determined that a clawfoot shower add-on of the smaller circle type (like this) is not really big enough for me. I'm not sure it's big enough for anyone, really. Maybe Melissa would not find herself enveloped in clingy shower curtain, but I'm dubious.

4 - That said, after non-stop walking, a nice hot shower in any sort of enclosure is wonderful. Though I guess I knew that already.

5 - The Phipps Conservatory is well worth the visit. Especially during the orchid show! Also their cafeteria is surprisingly good.

6 - Carnegie museums are not open on Mondays! Aaarrgh!!

7 - Peanut sauce makes everything better.

8 - They like stained glass here; in fact I think it may be mandatory. They are also big, big Steelers fans. Yet strangely, I have seen no Steelers stained glass. A niche for you savvy aritsts to fill!

9 - The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are almost an all day affair, though if you skip Egypt, the Polar exhibit, whatever crap avant garde thing is in the Heinz Gallery, and give short shrift to Animals of North America and Africa, you can do it in less. However, the design section of the art gallery, and the dinosaurs, are both well worth the time spent!

10 - It floods here like woah.

Overall - big thumbs up to Pittsburgh! Also, I stayed at the lovely Parador Inn, which I recommend highly: breakfast every day was super-yummy, the rooms are cozy, and the owner gives information when solicited, but otherwise leaves you the hell alone. It's probably even nicer when it's not March...:)


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