Jul. 16th, 2010 09:47 pm
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I was going to write a long chatty post about my trip to Atlanta, but it's too damn hot to sit at the computer for very long (especially when it's a laptop - my lap is melting!) So instead, a list, in interview format!

What did I do? Go to the Georgia Aquarium and, incidentally, Atlanta.

Where did I stay? An adorable hotel in Midtown.

Why did I go? For the whale sharks! The only ones in the US! Also, manta rays, otters, and other fishes.

What did I do at the aquarium? Other than look at whale sharks, I also pet cownose rays (and a bonnethead shark) in the petting pool, watched the whale sharks feed (on tiny shrimp from giant spoons), let my adopted plush whale shark visit, and also bought him a friend.

Did I like the aquarium? Yes I did! It had many other exhibits, some of which I took pics of and some of which I did not. It also had two beluga whales, which seemed sort of neglected after the whale shark hype, but that could have been the touch of food poisoning I had, making me not as attentive. They looked like nice whales though. There was also a 3-D movie (skippable), and a special shark exhibit (very enjoyable). Overall, it was a good experience, even with food poisoning, and it's right next to the World of Coke, so you can also go there, and that's your day!

What else did I do in Atlanta? Well, I went to dinner, sat on the hotel patio, walked around and got a sunburn, never heard the word Pepsi, and generally enjoyed myself. And really, it probably wasn't food poisioning, it was probably overexertion and underhydration - so the food I ate really can not be blamed.

Was PJ happy to see me when I got home? It seemed like it...:)

Other comments? I'm glad to be home.


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