Feb. 9th, 2011

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I am reviewing my wishlist, and thought I would break some of the major categories out, for no real reason except my own amusement, and it's the INTERNET AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!! Yes!

Food/Cooking/Crafts: 18 (mostly food; anyone surprised? Also knitting, which I don't do but apparently want to.)

Xtreme Xploration: 11 (I have an Everest/mountaineering thing, plus I like to read about people suffering in the cold when I am nice and comfy on the couch. Is that mean?)

Auto/Biography: 30 (wow. I am a sucker for people talking about themselves (or, sometimes, others))

Behavioral/Economics: 7 (not many, but enough to count. I also included here Varsity Green, which is about the college sports industry...that's sort of both).

Non-Fiction on Other Countries: 13 (best title: The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You A Happy Birthday. I also apparently have a North Korea thing. It is messed up over there, let me tell you.)

True Crime/Psychology/Medical: 13 (this is after my recent purchase of a couple of serial killer books (books about them, not by them). Looking forward to the book on the autism/MMR scare.)

Other Stuff: 70 (mostly fiction, also a smattering of religion, other non-fiction in smaller categories, and books I can't recall what they're about and don't feel like looking up this minute.)

So that's my booklist. Basically, anything that looks good, or anything that's next-most-recent by an author I like, goes on the list. Then every once in a while I purge the stuff which I've forgotten. I do like books.


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