Jan. 27th, 2011

Snow Day

Jan. 27th, 2011 04:50 pm
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I'm apparently the only person in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area who did not have a 6+ hour drive home yesterday in the sleet/slush/snow. It was a bit long, but no worse than a summer Friday, and there were few enough cars on the road that it was pretty good throughout. It only got dodgy in Baltimore; I was mentally mocking a guy who was driving with his hazards on (yes, we all know you're going slowly and it's treacherous), until I realized that he was fighting skidding out the whole time; his tires must have been completely bald. After I (cautiously!) passed him, I watched him skid out twice in my rearview mirror. But I was fine, other than going the wrong way down a one way (nobody else was on it, so no harm done), and failing to parallel park (it was slippery!). I decided I would not brave the roads today, and so slept in. Which was fortuitous; by the time I woke up at 9, some kind person in the complex had already dug me out - all the way up my steps, even! I felt guilty; I can dig my own walkway - but it was very nice.

She didn't, however, dig out my car, so I did that myself, like a grownup. I finished my morning of hard work by starting to dig out my back steps and walk, but was thwarted by another helpful neighbor - damn them! This was the Angry African Man - so named not because he is particularly Angry, but because he's a bit loud and has a very rough voice, so he sounds angry a lot. However, he's actually a Happy Carribbean/Canadian Man - he rushed over to help me out, and we chatted while I did my steps and he did the walk. He's from Guyana (and was pleased when I knew where that was), lived for 20 years in Montreal, and now is living in Baltimore being super-helpful and nice to his neighbors. I am glad to have met my Happy neighbor!

Since I wasn't totally exhausted, having shoveled maybe 4 square feet of space, I walked to lunch at Donna's, where the waitstaff was attractive but vaguely hostile. The roads were surprisingly slushy, even the main ones, plus there was a lot of melt and runoff, so I am sure driving in the morning will be awesome. I walked back through the nice neighborhood, listening to the melt water rush through the storm gutters. Heavy, wet snow was falling from all the trees, and there was a lot of limb damage; two big ones came off the tree in the courtyard in front of my house. I got home, hung my pants on the radiator, and took a nice hot shower. The ferrets were enjoying their snow day by getting a few more hours of sleep in the upstairs bathroom, and were not overjoyed by my disturbing them. Luckily, they have the attention spans of....ferrets....so they went right back to sleep.

Now, my lunch is starting to wear off, and I have pretty much nothing yummy in the house. Though, I do have some potatoes...and cheese...hmm.....


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