Jan. 1st, 2011

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I've been spending the day starting off the new year right! First off, rung in the year with friends, and good champagne, while wearing velvet pants, which is always a good thing. Then a good rest, despite getting up about 15 times to deal with the eight bottles of water I drank before bed - but, awakened bright and early with no hangover! Came down for the first cup of tea of the year, and to clean the kitchen and otherwise get the house in order, another theme to maintain through the year. Cleaned the ferrets' room and played with them (see, more themes!), even let PJ go outside for a bit while I ran to the car to get the cupcakes I'd left in there the night before. He was in no danger of running off - in fact, he basically stood on the top step and watched sadly as I walked out of sight (i.e. five feet away), and he was still there when I came back from the car. I wonder if he thought I would start the new year by abandoning my weasels! Not a good trend.

After all the cleaning, I settled down to some potato leek soup, and a viewing of Easy A, which was very, very good. In a bit, I will do my bills (theme!), and think about going shopping tomorrow, since I have to go to the mall and get my flat tire fixed/replaced (I ended the old year with a flat, but at least I realized it as I was driving to the party, so I just called AAA and started drinking while I waited for the guy to get there...:) I will have a snack, watch some new year's day tv marathons (Jerseylicious? Or Cupcake Wars?), and maybe catch up on recorded tv. In fact, since my cable box has screwed itself up three times in the last 24 hours, maybe I should watch *all* my recorded tv, just in case.

2010? I had no problem with it; for me, it was a pretty good year. I know some of my friends had some rough times, and so for them, I'm hoping the new year is much better. For me, I hope that I end 2011 with not only the same number of ferrets I start with (2), but also the exact same ferrets, which is not something I managed in 2010; that would be good. Otherwise, stayed in pretty good health, lost a little weight, saw friends, and generally enjoyed myself. In 2011, maybe I will bake more cupcakes (what with my fancy new tins), travel a bit more, try and spend some time with some of my friends who I have a hard time pinning down - that sort of thing. I already have one trip planned, and one visitor coming, so it's a good start! Of course, some of what actually happens is to a degree out of my hands, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

One thing I tried to do in 2010 was read more books, which I did indeed do. By my records, I read 48 in 2009, which was not a bad number. This year, I kept three books going at any given time, mainly because the book I want to carry in my purse can't always be the big book I want to keep on the couch, and because I like a little variety. As a result, I ended up with 86 books read! That may be off by one, which I started in 2010 but have not finished, but one can only be so perfect. And really, I don't think I should count it anyway - it's supposed to be amazing, but I think it's sort of awful, and I am skimming in hopes that I will run into the amazing part. I think I will read less in 2011, because I got a subscription to The Economist, which is going to take up a slot.

So to my reader, I wish you a Happy New Year!! Now, a chicken chili verde enchilada!


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