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Today was a lovely day, the first day not in the 90s (and I think not even in the 80s) in maybe two weeks. So, since I had some work to do in the backyard, I thought I woudl put PJ on his leash and have him outside to explore a bit while I worked. PJ came with a leash and harness - and it's a big tough harness too, more like a vest than some of the ones I've had for other ferrets - but I've never really taken him out on it. So, I stuffed him in the harness, clipped on the leash, grabbed my gardening tools, and off we went.

He immediately poofed up all fluffy, and sniffsniffsniffed everything he could reach. I took him inside and got a nice long piece of string, tied the leash to the string and the string to a chair, and got to work digging. PJ went under the bushes, by the house, over by the fence, and had an absolutely great time, while I puttered about in the dirt (and took pics, of course). Eventually, he crawled under a plant by the house, and lay quietly.

Too quietly.

I turned around just in time to see his butt disappearing around the corner of the house; he'd slipped out of his harness while hidden from sight, and made a break for it!

I caught him before he got far, and decided it was time for him to go back inside so I could finish working and not have a heart attack in the process. But we'll have to do it again, when I am more attentive, and there are fewer mosquitoes. I am, apparently, yummy.
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