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When I looked at this house before I bought it, one of the things I loved about it was the nice glassed-in sunporch. I planned on getting a nice chair, a cute little table, and having a nice place to sit in the evening, read a book, drink my was going to be perfect.

At the time I bought the house, though, I didn't have a nice chair, or a cute table. However, I did have a round porch table which was left at the house, and a blue metal chair which instead of having four legs, balanced precariously on one long traingular leg, sort of like a warped rocking chair. So I put them out there - a place to sit, a place to put my tea - just stand-ins until I could get the exact ones I wanted.

I never sat out there. The chair wasn't very stable, so if you sat in it and didn't lean back, it would tip forward. The table was just a little too big, so when the chair rocked forward, it would whack into the edge of the table, and the whole setup would sort of lock together and was very awkward. But they were there, and I didn't see the point in trying to mess with the setup, since I would at some point get the perfect chair, and....anyway, so that was a few years ago.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I realized I was being a colossal idiot. I hated the chair, and hated the table, and in the meantime was in no way coming near to getting the perfect chair and table out there. And I own other chairs! And other tables! Maybe - and this was a revelation to me - I could put a different set of furniture on the porch!

So I did. The chair is a hard wooden one, and could use a seat cushion (but I could buy one of those, right?), and the table is an old spool table I decoupaged the top of at some point. I have a milk crate I put a little pad on, so I can rest my feet on it. It's not perfect. But it's pretty darn good...:) Heck, I get wireless out there; I can surf the web and drink my tea, and shop for a chair cushion.

Not bad at all.
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