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My mom's birthday is this weekend, so I have taken tomorrow off and will trek off to the Shore, rather than making the long work drive. Otto will come too, of course, and perhaps have a chance to meet the parrot again, and sniff about the place.

This is a good time of year at home - everything is green and growing, it's nice and warm during the day, but cool in the evening. I won't bother taking Kara because there's no internet; instead, I will sit on the brick porch, read books, drink tea, and look at nature. It's pretty much the ideal weekend. And vastly preferable to the winter (cold cold cold, and also windy) or the summer (hot hot hot...and totally not windy). Spring and fall are the time to go.

In weasel news, I'm contemplating purchasing a friend for Otto. He's doing okay, mental-health-wise (as much as one can tell with a weasel), but he's lonely and bored. Much as I play with him, I don't have a ferret's level of energy, plus I do not curl up with him at night (hey, I offered). I talked to the original breeder, and she thinks she has a boy who might suit. So we'll wait and see; I think Otto would be excited to meet a new friend.

In other news, there is no other news. Which is nice for a change.
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