Apr. 23rd, 2011

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Looking back over some recent lj entries, I realized while I said farewell to Otto and Butters, and hello to PJ, I never really mentioned the acquisition of Piper! And that's not fair; she's a little bit of a bitch but she's mostly a sweetie, so today we will formally discuss her.

(I have ferrets, so I talk about ferrets. If I had kids, you'd hate me even more...:)

After Otto died, I thought PJ would be fine on his own, and he was...but I wasn't. I like multiple ferrets - I like how they play together, I like how they sleep in a nice warm pile, and I like how they generally keep each other company. And though I like to play with the ferrets, I'm really not that much fun - I can't run under the couch, or through the tube, and I don't really like being bitten very much. So, after a few months with just PJ and I, I thought maybe I'd get another ferret. I poked about on the adopt-a-ferret sites, but a lot of them either came in pairs (and I didn't want to get two; what if they ganged up on PJ?!) or were older ones (and having just lost two in a row, I didn't want to sign on to an elderly weasel right away). So, just for fun, I dropped an email to PJ's breeder, to see if she had any more available.

"Well, I don't have any more boys right now.....but I do have PJ's sister."

Yes! PJ's actual sister; same litter and everything. Apparently, the year they were born, the breeder had a surplus of sable females, and not all of them sold, so Piper got kept. She was not used to breed, but she wasn't exactly kept as a pet either - the breeder has a lot of ferrets, so Piper was basically raised in a pen with other ferrets, not in a home with people. There was always playtime, and she was socialized, but it was a very different upbringing; however, the breeder said she was very nice, and a lot of fun, so I said I'd take her.

At first, they got along like brother and sister - which is to say, she bitched and moaned that he was touching her stuff, and he followed her around and bugged her because he thought it was funny. I am totally not kidding; she would *squeal* like she was being killed, and I would come running to find out PJ had backed her into a corner with his butt and was trying to sit on her. She would bite and hiss and snap at him, and he, literally three times her weight, would just tag along behind her and try and lie on her. But eventually, they began to get along - if she managed to chase him away, she'd follow him until he paid attention again, and within a few weeks they were sleeping curled up together. It took a while for them to play with each other directly, so I worked overtime for a while, then they would play together only if I was watching, which was odd. But now they have all their own games and though I am tolerated, they don't require my presence.

Piper herself has not quite adjusted to living with people. She's a bit skittish, and doesn't really love being cuddled, whereas PJ loves a good hug. But she is adorable, and soft, and has come to accept that I am going to want to hug and pet and hold her from time to time. Overall, she's not my good friend the way PJ has become, but I'm glad she's here. And when I walk into the room and she runs away like I'm going to eat her, that is sort of hilarious.

Welcome, Piper!


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