Apr. 25th, 2010

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Here's PJ!

I picked him up from the breeder Friday. He is 3, and he's related to Otto in such a way that they are some kind of cousins. He is a happy, perky boy who, when I met him, was romping around the ferret playroom at the breeder's, talking to himself and generally having a good time.

Since then, he's become somewhat more oppressed. Otto followed him around for about an hour the first night, sniffing and talking and generally being curious but well-behaved, until he apparently decided it was time PJ went home, and so Otto jumped him. Since then, the relationship has not been the best. Otto is clearly not overjoyed, and PJ is a little less care-free than he was before. But, that's to be expected - Otto's had a rough month, and he's never met another new ferret, so he's a bit stressed out. I've tried a couple of tricks - tonight, I washed them both so they'd smell similar, which seemed to confuse Otto ("I don't know if I like this guy...but I hate him less than that other guy!"), and earlier I put a little ferretone on each of them, so they'd smell yummy and lick each other. PJ was totally into the licking, but Otto kept catching himself, as if he was happy, and then was like, "Oh wait, it's this guy - I hate this guy!" But I could get him back to licking, which was good. I'm just trying to foster some positive-to-neutral together time, so they see it's not so bad. Tomorrow, I will try another trick - I bought new toys which don't smell like either of them, and will put them in the spare room (which is relatively unferrety, and thus neutral ground), and see if I can get them to play with the toys, near each other, if not with. But overall, I also think I'm going to have to let them sort it out - as long as there's no blood, sometimes they might just need a few tussles to establish who's in charge (Otto), and then it should be okay. I feel bad for both of them right now, though, poor things. Otto wants Butters back, and PJ wants to not be smote. I can sympathize with both - heck, it's stressing me out, and I know what's going on! They're just ferrets, they're totally confused!

Other than that, and accidentally breaking up with my boyfriend on Twitter during the week (Sorry, Max!), which he was good about and let me take back, it's been quiet.


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