Feb. 10th, 2010

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On day three of off-work (three and a half, technically), have cleaned all rooms, including the third floor bathroom and washing the sheets on the guest bed. Snow is coming down in big fat flakes right now, and the wind is gusting; was just upstairs and it whipped up snow off all the trees and bent them down sideways for a second. I've never been so happy that the dead tree in my yard went down over the summer, else it would surely be down now and everyone on my alley would hate me.

The ferrets have enjoyed being out of their cage for days, though Otto seems to be going stir-crazy - which is weird because it's not like they *usually* leave the house. Butters has spent most of the time in my homemade mouse-catching box, which was very good for catching mice for a while. A bit harder when it's full of weasel. That said, I haven't seen mice for a few days; I think I finally managed to kill/relocate enough mice such that I'm either out, or the others decided to move on. I'll stay on mouse vigilance for the rest of the week (heck, I'll be here, may as well), but next week if Idon't see any, I think I can move the ferrets back into their room and out of the bathroom. Not that I don't love having them stare beadily at me in the morning.

I don't know if I'll officially be off tomorrow, but if it snows and blows into the night, I don't know when I'll dig out today. Heck, depending on the Fancy Neighborhood Organization, my street may not even be plowed. So, even if work requires me, they may not get me until later in the day, if at all. We'll see.

Yesterday, realizing a storm was coming and I was out of coke, I walked down to the Giant, about a mile away. I went down Old York Rd, which is *not* in the fancy neighborhood, and I'd say about a third of the streets I passed had not been plowed, only dug out to one degree or another by people living there. On the way I also passed a backhoe just moving snow, in anticipation of today's weather. The Giant was packed, no surprise, but had soda. Walking about a mile through snowy streets with a twelve-pack was a bit of an adventure, though. I have had a lot more exercise than usual, despite all the snow. Saturday, it was four miles (round trip) to and from a friend's; Sunday I dug out my walk and part of the (rotten) neighbor's, and worked on my car; Monday, okay, that was mostly driving, and Tuesday was two miles round trip. Today, though, I think I will stay put until the snow is over.

Luckily, other than coke, my fridge was well stocked before any snow started. Right now, I am eating grocery store "fresh" pasta, to which I added sauce and spinach and cheese; I still have a serving of my chicken casserole, plus frozen things, and some fresh veg. And of course, snacks! I am set up until at least next week, if that's what it comes to, and it well may. Yesterday was a Law & Order: SVU marathon; now I am watching Weird Creatures, and learning about the slow loris. Well, I will as soon as they catch one.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


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