Feb. 8th, 2010


Feb. 8th, 2010 01:42 pm
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A 28" snow storm? For me? You like me; you really like me! But honestly, I'm so surprised and thankful, I don't even know what to say... *rustle rustle* Oh, look, a speech!

I'd like to thank the snow, for being so scary that everything shut down early Friday and let me run errands at a reasonable hour.
I'd like to thank my odd foreign friend, for having sent me bath treats which arrived well in time for me to have a nice hot bath while the snow was falling Friday evening.
I'd like to thank my lovely boyfriend, for trekking through the snow to my house so I could stay warm inside.
I'd like to thank my other friends, for virtually forcing me to walk through the snow Saturday afternoon, and again Saturday night, which was a wonderful, if cold and wet, experience.
I'd like to thank my thermos, for keeping my tea hot all day, though I left it on the counter all day while I was out. Maybe next time!
I'd like to thank my next-door neighbors, for not digging out their front walk or cleaning off the bush in their yard which was blocking the path, therefore requiring me to do it, and improving myself via struggle with adversity.
I'd like to thank my lovely boyfriend again, for doing the lion's share of the work involved in digging my car out, and being good natured when I then made him walk home rather than drive him through the icy roads.
I'd like to thank my car, for dealing with the cruddy roads despite the fact it doesn't have any four-wheel drive, chains, or high clearance, but it does have an overly confident driver.
I'd like to thank the fancy neighborhood, for paying for a plow so I could actually get out, though I still can't go back to my snow emergency street for the forseeable future.
I'd like to thank a small grey mouse, for getting caught in the humane trap and requiring me to trek to the park, which was empty of small children and peaceful. And now, mousier!
I'd like to...wait, why is the music starting? But I haven't even thanked Obama yet! Hey, get off me!! *gets dragged offstage to cheers*


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