Feb. 4th, 2010


Feb. 4th, 2010 11:12 pm
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I very legitimately needed toilet paper, so I went to the grocery store tonight. I don't know if you know this, but it's supposed to snow over the weekend. Quite a bit, I hear.

Snowpocalypse in the safeway!

Almost all the red meat was gone. The two for one chips were ravaged. Lines extended back into the aisles, making it hard to actually, you know, shop. Most of the water was gone, and the frozen foods were down to okra and spinach. All people had carts packed with food, as if they were starting from scratch and expected to be snowed in for a month. I bought t.p., laundry detergent, and ingredients for a chicken casserole. And some chips. I can not live on this for a month, but fortunately, I also have food at home! Glad I bought bread Tuesday.

So I plan to work a half-day tomorrow, since it's not supposed to start until noonish. Then I will trek back to my warm home and release the weasels from their mouse-imposed exile in their cage. I will putter and clean and cook and generally enjoy the snow. There will likely be a bath, and big band music, and the snow-proof boyfriend will walk himself on over to the house. Saturday, weather depending, I will walk to a friend's house for the afternoon (since I don't plan on unparking until Sunday at the earliest) - or, if not, I will lie about, watch tv, and continue to enjoy the snow. Sunday is the Superbowl! I have a party to go to, but as it's not within walking distance, I have already pre-cancelled. If this turns out to be a bunch of hype, then I'll go, but otherwise...see above re: lying about. Think of all the books I can read! And if we honest to god get 24 inches, I suspect I won't be going to work Monday. Or ever!

It's a good and snowy end to a week that started with a cold adventure. Tuesday morning, I went out to my car to go to work, unlocked it, popped all my stuff in, and then shut the door while I went to wipe off the windshield. My car assumed that since I had opened the door, but not turned on the car, I must have just forgotten to relock it. So, it helpfully locked it for me! With my keys, phone, and (worst of all) breakfast, locked safely inside. Hooray!

Fortunately, one of my neighbors is also up freakishly early, as his wife (a nurse) catches a 6.30 am bus - so he let me use his phone to call a lock place. And he said I could hang out until the people got there, but I was convinced they might drive up, not see anyone waiting, and leave again - because that would be awesome. They said they'd be there in 30-40 minutes. I waited inside for about 20 and then went out. They arrived an hour later. I have actually been colder, but I was pretty darn unhappy. Teach me to trust my car!

Oh, I also bought windshield wiper fluid at the safeway tonight. Shoud help fix my locking-the-keys-in-the-car problem...:)


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